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  A Visual Guide to the Universe (TTC Video)

Author Автор: VnRuEn | Date Дата: 25 сентября 2018| Views Просмотров: 0

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A Visual Guide to the Universe (TTC Video)
2014 | Course No. 1893 | .M4V, AVC1, 640x360 | English, AAC, 44Khz 2 Ch | 18x30 mins | + PDF Guidebook | 5.67 GB
Instructor: Professor David M. Meyer Ph.D.

For the first time in human history, we can see the full splendor and mystery of the universe, thanks to instruments on scores of planetary probes and observatories that have been launched into space since the 1990s.
From Saturn's rings to the heart of the Milky Way, and from colliding galaxies to cataclysmic gamma-ray bursts at the edges of visible space, some of the most spectacular sights in the cosmos are now as easy to see as the stars above. Many of these cosmic phenomena occur at wavelengths of light that are beyond the range of human vision and can only be detected by special instruments in space.
The dazzling new images are not just a data bonanza for scientists; they have entered popular culture, appearing in art galleries and coffee-table books, as well as on posters, T-shirts, and even postage stamps. Above all, this stunning archive is providing a new perspective on our dynamic universe, including views such as these:
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