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  Accounting Basics for Success in Business and in Life

Author Автор: VnRuEn | Date Дата: 25 сентября 2018| Views Просмотров: 0

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Accounting Basics for Success in Business and in Life
Accounting Basics for Success in Business and in Life
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Understand Accounting and Financial Statements in this easy to follow course.
Has Accounting always sounded like a foreign language to you?
Do Financial Statements add so much confusion to you life that you secretly avoid them?
If you are struggling to understand 'the numbers' as they say and have answered YES to ANY of these questions - You've come to the right place.
"Over 1,550 people have trusted this course to give them a good overview of the most important aspects of Accounts and Financial Statements"
This Course is designed to give you must needed insights into the World of Accounts where we go over the Building blocks of Accounting and Financial Statements together.
There are 3 Sections to this Course -
The First Section goes through Accounting Lingo and is perfect for beginners to start understanding the language of Accounts. This Section is meant for people who have little working knowledge of accounts. This Section will help bring you up to speed with Basic Accounting Vocabulary. After all, if you were to learn any Language you would start with the ABC's right?
In the Second Section - We go through and what is called the Accounting Cycle (described below). If you've ever wondered what Accountants really do- you'll get a sneak peak in this section. Plus, I give you a cool little trick to understand journal entries- the cornerstone of accounting functionality. If Debits and Credits have ever confused you in school- you'll never be confused again.
You will also learn that every transaction that happens in Business follows a certain process. This process is called the Accounting Cycle and Understanding this process helps you understand the world of Accounts, Business and even Investments better. Many people also get confused by the term bookkeeping and don't fully understand the functioning of Bookkeepers in the Business process and we also go over that together. Once you know more about the Accounting Cycle you'll uncover the mystery behind the numbers of your Business.
In the Last section - we will look at and understand the 3 Main Financial Statements - The Balance Sheet, The Income Statement and the Cash Flow Statement. If you have not understood Financial Statements in the past and why they are so important - You've been missing out! Understanding Financial Statements is a MUST for anybody who wants to make a dent in the world of Business. If you own a Business or ever plan to own one - Understanding how to read Financial Statements can take you from being a Good business owner to a Great one. They can take you from an Average investor to a Savvy one.
This course is made in an easy to follow, topic by topic format with plenty of quizzes to test your learning along the way. You will also be seeing a bit of my zany humor in bits and pieces so please find it in your heart to forgive me. After all, most accounting courses have put me to sleep and if that's the kind of course your looking for then this course is not for you. This Course is also NOT designed to save your Marriage or get you a Date with Katy Perry (Or Brad Pitt if you prefer). See, I warned you about my zany humor, didn't I?
Apart from any of the humor - more importantly - This Course WILL give you a Good Introduction into the world of Accounts - something which I believe will help you and your business in many ways throughout your lifetime.

Accounting Basics for Success in Business and in Life
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